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The Hakomi Institute of California offers introductory workshops and trainings.

All of our workshops are open the general public. These workshops are tailored to both the needs of psychotherapists and other helping professionals as well as anyone  interested in personal growth and self- awareness.

Explore the foundations

In our workshops, we explore the  foundational concepts of Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology. Conducted by certified Hakomi instructors, these one- or two-day events provide an experiential and interactive journey into self-discovery through the Hakomi Method. As a nonprofit organization, Embodywise is committed to fostering holistic well-being and offers continuing education credits for all Hakomi introductory workshops for psychotherapists holding LCSW, LMFT, LEP, or LPCC licenses in the state of California


We offer a number of ways to continue your exploration of the Hakomi Method after taking one of our workshops:

Working with a certified Hakomi Therapist or Practitioner is a great way to learn more about Hakomi from the inside out. We offer foundation, advanced and certification level trainings to clinical and allied health care professionals. The Hakomi Educational Network and the International  Hakomi Institute also offer a number of Hakomi courses open to the general public.