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Training in somatic psychology and wisdom to benefit self, other and community

Welcome to Embodywise

Embodywise is a new umbrella organization that sponsors a number of somatic-related trainings including ISITTA Trauma trainings, Hakomi Institute of California trainings, and Couples Therapy trainings

Becoming an embodied healing professional begins with a willingness to inquire into the mystery of your lived experience so you can access the intelligence of your body’s wisdom.  

It takes time, intention and practice to develop as a skilled healing practitioner. Embodywise supports helping professionals to learn from the “inside out,” developing not only therapeutic skills, but also continually refining our most essential tool: our own state of awareness and presence with our clients.

The complexity of our current social challenges–including collective trauma, empathy burnout, and implicit bias among helping professionals–calls for a new paradigm for psychological healing that includes three essential elements:

  • Embodied self: Your somatic resilience and your relationship with your own innate wisdom
  • Embodied relationship: Your therapeutic skill set for facilitating transformational change that’s nonviolent, compassionate and trusting of your client’s healing path
  • Embodied community: Participating in conscious, kind community learning that’s collaborative, inclusive, safe and accountable

Our mission at Embodywise is to support the evolution of embodied healing professionals worldwide to create a more compassionate, conscious and connected humankind. 

We hope you will consider joining us on this journey, adding your unique voice and gifts to our growing community.

Upcoming Workshops & Trainings

Manuela Mischke-Reeds interviews for the Somatic Movement Summit 2023

Fluid Movement, A Shift in Consciousness and Trauma Healing.

Somatic Movement: From Stillness to Dancing for Healing and Expression.

These interviews are part of the Somatic Movement Summit 2023 a free online event. For more information, please visit https://somaticmovementsummit.com. These recordings are a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.


This interview is part of the Somatic Movement Summit, a free online event. This audio recording is copyrighted by The Shift Network. All rights reserved.


ISITTA Trauma Training

ISITTA trauma work integrates deep self-awareness practices with trauma-informed somatic therapy tools. In ISITTA training, you'll learn from the inside out, gaining new practices to refine your most important therapeutic resource--your inner state. You'll also build a toolset for working with both individual and collective trauma.

Hakomi Training

Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology offers an elegant, comprehensive and uniquely effective approach to psychological change and growth combining an inspiring set of guiding principles with a comprehensive experiential, mindfulness-based, and body-centered methodology.

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Couples Therapy Training

Join us for a hybrid course on couples therapy that provides a simple yet comprehensive map for working with couples. Love Made Simple emphasizes somatic and mindfulness-based work while integrating the essence of leading therapeutic modalities.

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Group Genius Accelerator

Any team or group of individuals has the potential for Group Genius. Using the foundational MatrixWorks model of groups as living systems, this class will teach you how to unleash that potential.

Embodywise is where wisdom and soma meet to restore the innate intelligence in each of us.