About Embodywise

Embodywise provides in-depth learning experiences to develop your embodied therapeutic presence and skills. To facilitate transformational therapy experiences, helping professionals need to develop both their relational skill set and their internal capacity to be with human complexity.

The embodied therapist also needs to develop their inner qualities of wisdom, compassion and resilience. Because individual and collective trauma has so deeply fragmented our world, healing trauma requires the development of the whole human being.

Embodywise offers in-depth training to develop your therapeutic skills, refine your somatic awareness and discover the internalized assumptions, body memories and implicit beliefs that impact your relationships with self and others. Our work will also help you to develop a more regulated nervous system, which is essential to becoming an integrated therapist, healer and leader.

We believe in training from the “inside out” with an emphasis on experiential and interactive learning experiences. Our professional trainings integrate somatic psychology and evidence-based, embodied mindfulness practices and also feature ongoing supervised practice.

We hope you enjoy the resources we offer for navigating deep trauma healing and becoming a more embodied, resourced and resilient helping professional.

Embodywise is where wisdom and soma meet to restore the innate intelligence in each of us.