Halko Weiss, Ph.D., DBH, Dipl.-Psych., accredited Clinical Psychologist and lecturer on mindfulness, couples therapy, and body-centered psychotherapy. He authored 20 professional publications, 10 books, and more than 50 congress contributions, including keynotes, and was awarded the Alice K. Ladas Research Award by the USABP in 2005. 

Halko co-founded the Hakomi Institute in Boulder, Colorado, and the Hakomi Institutes of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand and was instrumental in developing the Hakomi Method and its curricula used worldwide. He helped establish a successful coaching training program and an Emotional Intelligence training for executives in Germany.

Halko also developed two comprehensive programs on couples therapy and interpersonal skills taught internationally. Today, Halko is the only member of the original trainers and founders still training for the Institute.

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