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Somatics, Trauma Healing and Social Justice
(Jan 2023)

In the midst of global pandemics, uprisings for racial justice, political backlash and climate change, it is vital to understand the connections between personal and systemic transformation. How do we align our actions with our visions and values? How do we build relationships of equity and interdependence, when we are deeply shaped by injustice and separation? Somatics, with a social analysis, can help us live into these questions.

Somatics understands that safety, belonging and dignity are core needs for all people. Yet, our society and economy don’t meet these needs equitably. Often our lived experiences leave us with trauma, and embodying our social conditions, even when we don’t agree with them. These “power-over” systems are the root cause of many traumas, both individual and collective.

Embodied transformation and purposeful practice can help heal the impacts of violence and numbing, work with the deep shaping of both oppression and privilege, and deepen our capacities for empathy and bold action. While somatics in the West has most often been used for individual healing alone, it has much more to offer. With an understanding of systemic inequity, and a commitment to systemic change, somatics can powerfully contribute to personal and collective transformation.

Personal and systemic transformation are interdependent yet distinct processes. Each, at its best, can empower the other. Healing from trauma and oppression can powerfully serve movements for social justice. Organizing and building collective power can be deeply healing. Through somatic practice, emergent frameworks and embodied processes, we’ll explore these vital connections, as well as some of the costs when we don’t.


Staci K. Haines and Erika Lyla


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Dec 23, 2022:
Early enrollment ends 
Jan 13, 2023: Final registration date

Session Dates & Times
January 20-22, 2023
All times are Pacific
Fri, Jan 20 1:00-5:00
Sat, Jan 21 10:00-5:00
Sun, Jan 22 9:30-1:30


Oakstop – Gaines Gallery
1740 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA 94612

CEs: 12.5

About the Faculty

This workshop will be taught by Staci K. Haines and Erika Lyla.

Staci Haines

Staci Haines

Developer of Generative Somatics

Erika Lyla

Erika Lyla

Somatic Coach and Bodyworker

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Somatics, Trauma Healing and Social Justice
(Jan 2023)