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Somatic Depth Perception and Continuum
(Feb 2023)

In Continuum dives we open the creative art of inquiry through sensual movement, gentle breathing, aware self-touch, micromovements and primordial sounding. Moving in resonance with the elements (water, air, fire, earth and space) deepens our inherent connection to the breathing planetary body.

We actively participate in liberating unexamined habitual styles of perceiving. Each perceptual style affects our posture, movement and psychological profile; and affects how we relate.

The dynamics of how we relate are simultaneously physical and psycho-emotional. We inquire into our core patterns — healing those that limit us, and enhancing those that bring us openness, connection and depth.

A strong, flexible and perceptive body/psyche feeds our creative resiliency as we meet, orient and respond to an ever-changing world.

We explore to loosen the grip of identity; freeing us to embrace our fluid nature, which is creatively responsive to its context.


Susan Harper


Registration Deadlines
Jan 6, 2023:
Early enrollment ends 
Feb 10, 2023: Final registration date

Session Dates & Times
February 17-19, 2023
All times are Pacific
Fri, Feb 17 1:00-5:00
Sat, Feb 18 10:00-5:00
Sun, Feb 19 9:30-1:30


Oakstop – Gaines Gallery
1740 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA 94612

CEs: 12.5

About the Faculty

This workshop will be taught by Susan Harper.

Susan Harper

Susan Harper

Continuum Teacher
Founder of Continuum Montage

For More Information

For more information, including accommodation for special needs and details about our grievance process, contact our administrator at 415-839-6788 or info@embodywise.com.

Somatic Depth Perception and Continuum
(Feb 2023)