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Love Made Simple: Somatic Couples Therapy Training (2023)

Join us for a hybrid course on couples therapy that provides a simple yet comprehensive map for working with couples. Love Made Simple emphasizes somatic and mindfulness-based work while integrating the essence of leading therapeutic modalities.

Our training uses hands-on experiential learning and goes beyond learning techniques; it helps participants become better therapists by developing their skills, unique style and therapeutic presence.

We created Love Made Simple as an integrative framework…

It brings together the most important insights from leading couples therapy approaches (EFT, PACT, IFS, Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology and others) with our experience of working with over a thousand couples one-on-one and in our workshops.

Relationship patterns happen fast and in an unconscious way. An eye roll, a change of breath, a turn of the head can create an impact. Likewise, the therapist can use experiential exercises and somatic interventions to get beneath the words and the mind defenses and provide an embodied experience of change.

Using mindfulness enables people to slow down, develop self-awareness and learn to see their relationship challenges as an opportunity to grow. We believe that “secure attachment” is not enough and focus on relationships as paths of personal and spiritual growth.

Simple tools, maps and structured exercises help make couples therapy more effective and less chaotic. But they are only effective if you combine them with deep attunement to the clients and learning to trust your own intuition.

We focus on improving the maturity and relational skill of the therapist. We believe that developing these qualities is at least as important as learning techniques, if not more so. We want you to develop your own style of therapy, not follow a rigid method.

Gal Szekely and Liron Cohen

We are psychotherapists, teachers, parents, business owners and university professors. But (this is probably the most important part) we’re also a real couple who have different personalities, different likes and dislikes, and yet share a common vision.

We started The Couples Center in 2011 and Love Made Simple in 2020 – This is how passionate we are about couples work! We’ve been offering couples workshops (Level 1 and Level 2) for over seven years, and we’ve built a comprehensive online course and several other mini-courses, as well as “date nights” for couples.

Gal Szekely

Gal Szekely, MA, LMFT

Certified Hakomi Therapist and Teacher
Love Made Simple Founder

Liron Cohen

Liron Cohen, LMFT

Love Made Simple Founder

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For any questions, including requests for accommodation for special needs and for addressing grievances, contact info@lovemadesimple.com

Love Made Simple: Professional Couples Counseling Training (2023)

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