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Hakomi Essential Skills Workshop

Are you curious about ways to use mindfulness with your clients? Do you want more tools for including the body in therapy? Have you heard about Hakomi but haven’t had a chance to try it out?

Mindfulness, experiential exercises, and the body-mind connection offer direct access routes to clients’ deeply held patterns and beliefs. Instead of just talking about things, clients experience them directly and therefore gain deeper insight as well as pathways for change. This type of work creates aliveness and creativity for therapist and client alike.

This workshop is an opportunity to learn the basic skills of Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology, a method that has been utilizing mindfulness and the body for over 40 years.

About Hakomi

Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology offers an elegant, comprehensive and highly effective approach to human change. Hakomi combines mindfulness, unique and powerful somatic techniques, and a focus on present experience to access and transform deeply held, life-limiting core beliefs. Hakomi is a pioneer in integrating the use of mindfulness in the human change process. It’s backed by thousands of hours of clinical applications and research into the neurological underpinnings of mindfulness. Psychotherapists can successfully use Hakomi in a wide range of applications including individual, couples and family therapy and group work. The Hakomi Method also offers cutting-edge skills for coaches, health professionals and others who work to support human change and growth.


This workshop will be taught by Nicole Heinrich and Ashley Ross.

Nicole Heinrich, MA, LMFT

Certified Hakomi Therapist
and Teacher

Ashley Ross

Ashley Ross, MA, LMFT

Certified Hakomi Therapist
and Teacher

For More Information

For more information, including accommodation for special needs and details about our grievance process, contact our administrator at 415-839-6788 or info@embodywise.com.

Hakomi Essential Skills (Sep 2022)