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ISITTA Training Level 3 (2023)

Integrating Therapeutic Wisdom into Trauma Work

ISITTA Level 3 offers cohort-based live online learning. To deepen the learning from each weekend, this training features an instructor-facilitated practice group after each module.

Faculty: Manuela Mischke-Reeds
Guest Instructor: Heather Sundberg
Practice Group Teacher: Ashley Ross

In this module we’ll integrate compassion practices into the clinical trauma skillset. You’ll learn how empathy can be a hindrance in trauma healing and how compassion can prevent burnout. We’ll develop emotional resilience through contemplative practice both for practitioner and client. We’ll examine our beliefs about trauma and how our social location can influence how we view trauma healing. What is wisdom when faced with trauma? How does the therapist/practitioner apply their own wisdom without bias and with respect for the client’s beliefs?

Faculty: Manuela Mischke-Reeds
Guest Instructor: Joshua Sylvae
Practice Group Teacher: Ashley Ross

In this module we’ll address advanced somatic interventions. How do we help our clients discover their body wisdom with compassion? We’ll develop somatic protocols that are tailored to the individual needs of the client. Not all somatic therapeutic practices are effective; how do we help develop a repertoire for the client that can sustain their healing beyond therapy? Guest instructor and SE teacher Joshua Sylvae will share his clinical expertise on traumatology and how to weave ancient practices and wisdom perspectives into trauma therapy.

Faculty: Manuela Mischke-Reeds
Guest Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Dore
Practice Group Teacher: Ashley Ross

Psychedelic-assisted therapies are a powerful healing modality in trauma recovery. In this module you’ll learn about somatic core techniques to facilitate ketamine-assisted trauma therapy, that can be used both in the KAP process and when working with trauma clients who have expanded state experiences. To understand how to facilitate somatic expressions in the expanded state, the clinician needs to be able to confidently assess and facilitate this process. What can we learn from the somatic experience in expanded states of awareness? What are the ethical and clinical boundaries when utilizing somatic techniques with KAP? Dr. Dore, founder of Helios Psychiatry, will share her clinical experiences.


Manuela Mischke-Reeds,

Certified Hakomi Therapist and Trainer
ISITTA Founder and Trainer

Ashley Ross

Ashley Ross, MA, LMFT

Certified Hakomi Therapist
and Teacher

Joshua Sylvae

Joshua Sylvae, PhD, LMFT

Somatic Experiencing Faculty

Jennifer Dore

Jennifer Dore, MD

Founder of Helios Psychiatry

Heather Sundberg

Heather Sundberg

Insight Meditation

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Registration deadline: March 27, 2023


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For more information, including accommodation for special needs and details about our grievance process, contact our administrator at 415-839-6788 or info@embodywise.com.

ISITTA Training Level 3 (2023)

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