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Hakomi Professional Training Level 2 (2022)

A Seven-Month Course in Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy

In Level 1 Hakomi Professional Training, you immersed yourself in the basic principles and practices of the Hakomi Method. In Hakomi Professional Training Level 2, you’ll expand your skills in Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy in three important ways: by developing your “selfhood,” refining your therapeutic strategy, and by working your personal edges as a therapist through in-depth supervised practice.

In Hakomi, developing your “selfhood” means expanding your capacity to work with even the most challenging clients and situations from a deeply mindful and compassionate state. Through targeted experiential exercises and supervised practice, our Level 2 training will help you explore your organization as a therapist and surface and transform unseen patterns that limit your effectiveness with clients. Therapists often remark that the deep personal work that unfolds during their second year of Hakomi training profoundly impacts not only their therapy sessions, but their personal relationships as well.

In Level 2, you’ll also refine your therapeutic strategy by learning to choose the tools and interventions that are most appropriate for your clients. Through brief lectures, demos, and in-depth supervised practice, you’ll learn to use Hakomi’s principles and practices to support clients much more confidently, fluidly and effectively. One participant said, “By the end of the second year of Hakomi training, I couldn’t believe how my skills and self-awareness had grown, and how much deeper I was able to take my clients. I also felt like a more humble, peaceful and compassionate human being.”


Shai Lavie will be the lead trainer, joined by other Hakomi Institute of California faculty.

Shai Lavie

Shai Lavie, MA, LMFT

Certified Hakomi Therapist and Trainer

Nicole Heinrich, MA, LMFT

Certified Hakomi Therapist
and Teacher

David Fish

David Fish, MA, LMFT

Certified Hakomi Therapist
and Teacher

Manuela Mischke-Reeds,

Certified Hakomi Therapist and Trainer
ISITTA Founder and Trainer

Rob Fisher

Rob Fisher, MA, LMFT

Certified Hakomi Therapist
and Trainer

To Register for This Training

If you’ve taken Hakomi Professional Training Level 1, or if you’ve taken Hakomi Comprehensive Training Level 1 and have permission of the instructor, you are eligible to register for Hakomi Professional Training Level. Please pay your $400 non-refundable deposit to hold your place in the training.

For More Information

For more information, including accommodation for special needs and details about our grievance process, contact our administrator at 415-839-6788 or info@embodywise.com.

Hakomi Professional Training Level 2