Our Training Approach

At Embodywise we value the direct experience of the body and learning how sensations and emotions influence our thinking, behavior, and beliefs. The classes we offer will support you to explore your inner world, gain deeper self-awareness and more fully embody the wisdom of your own innate somatic intelligence.

All of our classes are highly experiential — you will learn by doing. Psychotherapists and other helping professionals will leave with immediately applicable skills.

Embodywise offers both in-person and online workshops and trainings:

  • Workshops are shorter 1-5 day events to introduce you to a topic or refresh your skills in a given area of expertise.
  • Trainings are longer events over multiple weekends. They provide deep experiential learning and typically include ongoing small group practice sessions with gentle and supportive supervision.

Check out our workshops and trainings in ISITTA Trauma Training and Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology. These two foundational methods offer much more than cutting-edge therapeutic tools: people often say that these trainings have made them kinder, wiser and more authentic human beings.

Upcoming Workshops & Trainings


ISITTA Trauma Training

ISITTA trauma work integrates deep self-awareness practices with trauma-informed somatic therapy tools. In ISITTA training, you'll learn from the inside out, gaining new practices to refine your most important therapeutic resource--your inner state. You'll also build a toolset for working with both individual and collective trauma.

Hakomi Training

Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology offers an elegant, comprehensive and uniquely effective approach to psychological change and growth combining an inspiring set of guiding principles with a comprehensive experiential, mindfulness-based, and body-centered methodology.

Couples Therapy Training

Love Made Simple is grounded in an integrative framework that brings together the most important insights from leading couple therapy approaches (EFT, PACT, IFS, Hakomi and others). It's also informed by experiences of working with over a thousand couples both one-on-one and in workshops.