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01: Hakomi Pro Level 1 Information Hub

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Class Dates and Times

Please put the class dates and times on your calendar if you haven’t done so yet.  

Online Session Dates
2022: Sep 16-18, Oct 7-9, Nov 4-6, Dec 16-18
2023: Jan 20-22, Feb 10-12, Mar 24-26

(Dates subject to change)

Course Handouts

You can log in to your Embodywise account anytime you want to to review class handouts, which we’ll post here right after class.

Accessing Your First Zoom Class

On the first day of class, please do the following:

  1. Log in to your Embodywise account and click “Courses”
  2. Click the tile for your course
  3. Click “start course” to get to this page with the Zoom access info for your course

Class Zoom Link 

Zoom link: TBD

Meeting number: TBD

Password: TBD

Call in number (for audio only): TBD

Need Help?

If you need anything before class starts, please contact info@embodywise.com.

Completing Your Class Registration

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