ISITTA Training Level 1 Application

Embodywise considers applicants for admission to our trainings without regard to age, gender, gender identity, race, creed, color, national/ethnic origin, sexual orientation, physical ability or marital status.

Important Note

We want you to feel comfortable and safe in this training, and we want to set the right expectations so you can get the most out of our unique approach to working with trauma. Please note that this training is highly experiential and requires students to be open and curious to explore their own personal experiences and willing to engage in somatic practices, including movement and breathing practices.

While your personal trauma stories might be relevant for learning about trauma from the inside out, this training is not a substitute for trauma therapy, and we encourage you to have the outside support of a trained mental health professional.

Exemptions from Application

If you’ve taken Level 1 of Hakomi Comprehensive Training or Hakomi Professional Training, you don’t need to complete an application form for this training. Simply register online at 2022 ISITTA Training Level 1.

Additional Work & Education History

In addition to the information included in your resume/CV, feel free to let us know anything else about where you've worked and what you’ve learned and what has inspired you on your learning path.

Professional Aspirations *

Tell us a bit about why you want to take this trauma training and how you will use it in your work.

Hakomi and Experiential Psychotherapy Experience *

Briefly describe any other trainings or workshops that you’ve taken in Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology. Please be sure to note whether or not you’ve taken the prerequisites for ISITTA Level 1 (ISITTA Foundations or its predecessor Dharma of Trauma Level 1, and a 2-day Hakomi workshop). If you haven’t studied Hakomi, please describe any experiential psychotherapy methods you’ve learned.

Trauma Experience *

Please list any prior trauma trainings you’ve taken or other related educational experiences. If you’re comfortable doing so, you can also share any personal trauma experiences that feel relevant.


Anything else you'd like us to know about you?

Price: $75.00